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mattress cleaningTake your cleaning service in Cheyne Walk SW10 done by the company that local homeowners advise to their best friends. Advantage from the skilful attentions of verified and fully qualified cleaners, who use top-line machines and specialist liquids to give exception results. The cleaning process used for your rug will be adjusted to the specificity.

Set up cleaning in your home or office and organise the services for the day that suits you, including weekends or bank holidays. And from us, you'll get more bundle of services. Choose mattress, upholstery, or curtain service too.

Anyone Have to Choose Experts for Your Steam Or Dry Carpet Cleaning

Whatever type of cleaning service you book, finishing the process by expert staff brings you the type of service you'll read more about in our client ratings. You'll gain:

  • The assurance that your job will be assured and finished by trained and certified technicians
  • Top-quality machines and 100% safe, environmentally friendly detergents will be utilized for your job
  • The technicians will select the right cleaning technique for any rug, get cleaning for for wool, sea-grass, synthetics, , jute, hessian or others
  • Your light home furniture will be shifted if necessary to clean the flooring


Q: How can I choose the ideal method for my house?

A: If you are not sure what to choose, give us a call and our operators will give you advise.

Q: Can you recommend a treatment for my carpet?

A: Yes, give us a call at whenever you want and we will evaluate the problem and give recommendations.

Q: Can you clean up organic fibered curtains?

A: We will, using a special treatment we can eliminate spots and odours as well as dirt cumulation, it's harmless and efficient at the same time.

Book Expert Solutions from Fresh Carpet

Pick a single service when that's all you need. Book a couple of different tasks and you may ask for a unique rate.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: This method is for any durable water rug. The specialist will utilize a range of detergents to clean spots or pre-treat very dirty parts before washing the entire carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Powders, sprays or solvents are utilized to your non-colour-fast or shrinkable carpets. Utilize this system to deodorize and refresh any rug.

Rug Cleaning: For Contemporary Turkish Oriental Or Tibetan fabrics. Stain and marks removal methods are available, and rug or carpet cleaning will also eliminate bacteria that can damage special fibres.

Upholstery Cleaning: Using dry or hot water extraction cleaning according to the requirements of your piece. We have professional preparations for leather cleansing too.

Mattress Cleaning: Remove viruses, debris, fungal spores and bacteria from your bed. Both dry and steam cleansing solutions for mattress cleaning are available.

Curtain Cleaning: Steam cleaning provides less fibre wear and greater cleansing power than washing with machine. Ask about expert cleaning for window blind cleansing or dry services for delicate fabrics too.

Enhance Your Cleaning Service in Cheyne Walk SW10 for Better Final Results

Air Blowers: Especially popular with business customers, but ideal in any situation where fast drying times are a must. Air movers may reduce a 6 hour time for drying to 3 or less. This is the best method to increase the process of water evaporation from any steam cleaned piece. In place with bad air flow it's positively beneficial, protecting any kind of textile from the dangers associated with prolonged periods of dampness. Enquire about the advantages of an air mover when you make your booking.

Scotchgard Spray Protection: A great option for reducing the frequency of cleansing you'll need for the future. Ask your cleaner to spray Scotchgard onto your freshly cleaned upholstery, carpet or even your carpet. The best solution prevents liquid or dust from penetrating into fabrics and makes spot removal easier. Protecting your furnishings and rugs will stretch their beneficial life and save you money in the long-term

The Next Step

Choose, a single or a few services and get your free of charge quote. You only should:

  • Speaking with us on the internet or over the telephone
  • Getting the totally free quote and choosing professional cleaners for your carpets, upholstery, or other soft furnishings
  • Get your cleaning job completed with no hassle, and advantage from a more hygienic and attractive property

Our friendly staff will be waiting for you.Contact 020 3746 4588 and they will answer any issue related to our services. If you choose use our online booking application form.

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