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cleaning machineBook your carpet cleaning in Currie UB9 with Fresh Carpet and remove all the inconveniences generally associated with the job. Take a free quote. Whenever you want get you office cleaning service out of business hours.

Combine your domestic upholstery treatments with rug or curtain cleaning. And be quite certain that whatever you book it will be performed by experienced cleaners who're committed to excellent customer service, and who use high quality products and liquids to ensure the ideal feasible results as quickly as possible.

How a Professional Gives Better Final Results in Cleaning Service

Professionalism from begin to finish assures you of:

  • Experts who'll use steam or dry carpet cleaning according to the requirements of your carpets and any other floor coverings
  • 100% safe cleaning - the liquids used for your service will be professional grade and harmless
  • Specialised and modern machines which will provide you superior cleansing and great fibre care
  • Cleaning for any kind of fibres, including woven rugs, jute, synthetic carpets, organic cotton, woollen carpets, hessian or sea-grass
  • Your furnishings will be protected from water marking as your experts will shift light items and set pads beneath to save them
  • Check how past customers rate the results of our service by browsing our consumer ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are family risk-free when you cleaning my home?

A: Yes, we focus on the health and safety of your home when cleaning, that's why we use natural liquids that have no traces of heavy chemicals or toxins.

Q: Are you insured?

A: We are, all of our technicians have full insurance at ever.

Q: Can the technicians move furnishings?

A: We can move small pieces of furniture, however, the larger of them we would advise be moved beforehand as our colleagues are no trained movers.

Book Professional Service from Us

Choose one service when that's all you need. Book a couple of different tasks and you may ask for a discounted price.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: This treatment is for any tolerant to water rug. The specialist will use a variety of detergents to remove stains or pre-treat heavy traffic areas before washing the whole carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Powders, sprays or solvents are applied to your non-colour-fast or shrinkable rugs. Use this technique to refresh and deodorise any rug.

Rug Cleaning: For Turkish, Oriental, Tibetan, or contemporary fabrics. Stain and marks elimination methods are available, and rug or carpet cleaning will also eliminate bacteria that can damage delicate fibres.

Upholstery Cleaning: Applying dry or hot water extraction cleaning according to the needs of your item. We have professional detergents for leather cleansing too.

Mattress Cleaning: Remove bacteria, viruses, debris or fungal spores from your mattresses. Both dry and steam cleaning methods for mattress cleaning services are accessible.

Curtain Cleaning: Steam cleaning provides less fibre wear and greater cleansing power than washing with machine. Ask about specialist cleaning services for window blind cleansing or dry cleaning for delicate materials too.

Get More from Your Cleaning Service in Currie UB9:

Get the most of our services with more of these optional extras:

Air Blowers: Increase the air flow around your freshly washed piece to save drying times. Get an air blower when you need the full use of your rooms immediately after cleaning, or when your ventilation is poor. Air blowers are safe on any upholstered or carpet piece, and by cutting down on the period of dampness may be useful at specified months or in bad conditions.

Scotchgard Protection: Specifically preferred for office carpets exposed to heavy wear, or in homes where pets and children are likely to cause staining and lots of dirt. The option protect liquids and dirt from penetrating the fibres of both upholstered furniture and carpets. It can make next stain elimination easier and quicker, and may save you money in the long run by extending the useful life of your costly furnishings.

Take More

Finding and booking professional cleaning service in Currie UB9 is simple. You just need to choose the needed cleaning service, and then to make a few things:

  • Get in contact whenever, use the phone or filling our online booking form
  • Take a free of charge, instant, no-obligation quote, and book your cleaning whenever you want
  • Let the technicians do their stuff and enjoy your refreshed, more hygienic property

Contact 020 3746 4588. Our customer service is available for you. They definitely will help you choose the best cleaning service. You can use our website. There you can fill our web form and we will give you a call back any time you want.

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