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carpet cleaningTake the secure & simple strategy for your rug cleaning in Hoxton N1. Book your services from Fresh Carpet, via your selection of our contact lines, and get everyday services. Get dry or steam carpet cleansing according to the requirements of your current need and be sure that your job will be completed by professional technics.

Advantage from the use of professional quality liquids and required equipment that give you top-quality results and fast drying periods. Set up cleaning for any carpets and rugs in office or house areas and while you're at it, plan your upholstery and curtain cleaning service too.

Why Qualified Steam Cleaning Service Is More beneficial

The best way to understand about the benefits of selecting specialists to make your steam cleaning are our previous clients. Check what these people have to say by looking at our testimonials page. In the meanwhile, just remember that you'll be sure of:

  • Cleansing for sea-grass, jute, cotton, synthetic carpet or wool, in fact, cleaning for ANY sort of carpet or rug!
  • Certified, qualified and insured technicians who use the best equipment for your job
  • Eco-friendly, child-friendly, pet-friendly non-toxic detergents used for your cleaning
  • Your furnishings is shifted to accommodate cleansing if necessary and foil pads placed beneath it to prevent damage or marking

Combine Your Carpet Cleaning Service in Hoxton N1 for Much Better Final Results

Air Blowers: Specially popular with business users, but suitable in anyway when fast drying times are a necessity. Air movers may reduce a 5 hour drying time to 3 or less. This is the best way to accelerate the normal process of water volatilization from any wet carpet. In place without air flow it's good solution, protecting deep pile carpets from the dangers associated with larger amounts of moisture. Check about the positive aspects of an air blower when you choosing your offer.

Scotchgard Spray Protection: A great option for lowering the frequency of cleaning you'll need in the future. Ask your specialist to spray Scotchgard onto your freshly cleaned rug, carpet or even your upholstery. The best solution prevents liquid or dust from penetrating into carpet or rugs and makes spot removal much easier. Protecting your home furniture and carpets and rugs will prolong their beneficial life and save you money in the future

Book Professional Services from Us

All of the cleaning tasks finished at your convenience. Get bundle of services and you will receive a exclusive offer in your case.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: The treatment includes vacuuming, pre-treatment of stained areas, application of the correct detergents, then their elimination using heat, pressure and steam. This is the method of option for dirt and stain elimination.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Powders or sprays are applied to your carpet, worked into your fibres where they bond with dust, then eliminated by vacuum cleaning machine. This method is gentle and suited for non-colour-fast and shrinkable carpets.

Rug Cleaning: For expensive fibers, including Afghan, Kashmir, Sarouk and Turkmen rugs. Cleansing will eliminate parasites and everyday dirt. Spot cleaning and stain removal are too available.

Upholstery Cleaning: Completed using either dry cleaning or steam cleaning solutions. Your cleaner will test your require to ensure the correct method and detergents are used. Book cleaning for leather couches too.

Mattress Cleaning: No matter what kind of mattress you have, there's a tilth suitable to restore it to a fresh condition. Your cleaner may recommend dry or steam extraction service.

Curtain Cleaning: For curtains, drapes,, nets and even blinds. You'll save wear on your automatic washer by choosing steam cleaning for shrink-proof curtains. Delicate fabrics are cleaned by a dry cleaning technique.


Conrad Jones

I've booked this company several times and I'm very pleased! A great offer on the cleaning, which was a bonus over the wonderful final results they reached.

Samuel Conway

Having a full household of kids and a working wife, I can't express how useful a reliable carpet cleaning service is. We just book and know that our property will be clear when we get back.

Stacey Dillem

I not long ago change my address to a new house, but rarely have the time to clean it properly, and have chosen the service, its great for my spending plan and the technicians also clean wonderfully.

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It's so easy to book your carpet cleaning in Hoxton N1. Choose the perfect offer now. You just:

  • Call us or fill our online booking form to take your quote
  • Choose cleaning professionals for your curtains, mattresses, carpets or upholstery
  • Get your cleaning finished and be sure your home will have a minimized levels of germs and very high levels of hygiene

Call our customer service on 020 3746 4588. Our colleagues will help you make your best option. If you prefer - complete our internet booking form and we will call you whenever you want.

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