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carpet cleaningTake the simple and secure strategy for your carpet cleaning in Marble Arch W1. Choose your services from Fresh Carpet, via your selection of our contact routes, and get everyday services. Get dry or steam carpet cleaning according to the needs of your current want and be sure that your job will be done by professional cleaners.

Advantage from the use of specialized quality detergents and industrial strength equipment that give you top-quality results and quick drying periods. Set up cleansing for any carpet in commercial or domestic property and while you're at it, plan your curtain and upholstery cleaning service too.

How a Expert Gives Better Final Results in Carpet Cleaning

Reliability from begin to end guarantees you of:

  • Specialists who'll choose dry or steam carpet cleansing according to the requirements of your carpets, rugs and other floorings
  • Eco-friendly cleaning - the detergents applied for the service are specialized and safe
  • Well-maintained, modern machines which will bring you perfect cleaning and special fiber care
  • Cleansing for all fibres, such as jute, synthetic carpets, woven rugs, organic cotton, woollen carpets, hessian or sea-grass
  • Your furnishings will be protected from water marking as your specialists will move less heavy of them and place pads beneath to protect them
  • View how past clients estimate our services by browsing our consumer ratings.

Enhance Your Cleaning Service in Marble Arch W1 for Better Final Results

Air Blowers: Specifically popular with commercial customers, but ideal in anyway when fast drying times are an important. Air blowers may reduce a 7 hour time for drying to 2 and a half or less. This is the perfect technique to speed up the normal process of water volatilization from any steam cleaned carpet. In properties without ventilation it's positively beneficial, protecting any kind of textile from the dangers associated with prolonged periods of dampness. Ask about the advantages of an air mover when you getting your offer.

Scotchgard Spray Protection: A great option for reducing the regularity of cleansing you'll need in the future. Ask your specialist to spray Scotchgard onto your freshly cleaned upholstery, carpet or even your carpet. The best solution prevents liquid or dirt from penetrating into fabrics and makes marks removal much easier. Protecting your furnishings and carpets and rugs will prolong their beneficial life and save you money in the long-term

Call Us To Treat Every Fabric in Your Home

Pay an affordable price for a one service or combine several opportunities. You may be offered a discounted rate when you choose multiple cleaning jobs at a one visit.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: Professional technicians utilizing top-grade equipment to provide full cleansing for colour-fast floor and non-shrinkable fabrics.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Your cleaner will check your rug, assess dust or stains, and choose the correct spray or powder to lift dirt and renew your rug.

Rug Cleaning: Expensive pieces deserve very specific care. Choose Our company for marks removing or to eliminate parasite, fungal spores or pollutants from antique or modern mats.

Upholstery Cleaning: An expert technician will test your settee and use the perfect cleansing method. We have treatment options available to clean and refresh your leather sofa too.

Mattress Cleaning: Select rapid dry cleaning or steam cleaning method perfect for any type of bed mattress. Book a professional cleaner to choose and use the right process.

Curtain Cleaning: Get curtains and blinds professionally cleaned. Ask for dry or hot water extraction methods may be recommended depending on the material of blinds or curtains.


Conrad Jones

I've booked this company several times and I'm very pleased! A great offer on the service, which was a benefit over the wonderful results they reached.

Anthony Faulkner

Having a full house of kids and a working wife, I can't express how helpful a cleaning service is. We just call and wait that our home will be clear once we get back.

Amelia Bishop

I recently moved to a new house, but I did not have time to clean it properly, and have chosen this service, its perfect for my budget and they also clean splendidly.

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It couldn't be simplerto set up your cleaning service in Marble Arch W1. Choose the most effective offer today. You just:

  • Use one of our online contact options or call us to get your quote
  • Choose cleansing experts for your curtains, mattresses, carpets or upholstery
  • Get your job completed and be sure your house will have a lowered levels of bacteria and high levels of hygiene

Call our customer service on 020 3746 4588. Our colleagues will help you make your best choice. If you like - complete our online application form and we will contact you whenever it's comfortable for you.

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