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Choose Fresh Carpets for your carpet cleaning service in Soho W1 to make sure in the important points is need for a excellent services.

Your work will be finished by certified specialists who'll use the right cleansing technique and liquids. Your technician will use top-class equipment to give deep cleansing and fast drying.

Call our customer service to take your free quote and request your job for all days in the week. This contributing about safe and easy way of planning carpet cleaning service for any private or commercial property.


What Makes Steam cleaning service a Superior Choice

Select a specialized firm for steam carpet cleaning to advantage from top quality tools and machines needed to get the best results on any cleansing. You'll also be sure of::

  • Trained certified technicians who'll choose the right cleaning technique and detergents for your job
  • Cleansing for all carpet fibers including wool, organic cotton, sea-grass, hessian, synthetic weaves and jute
  • Your slight furnishings are shifted if required and your furnishing and carpets are safe during and after treatments
  • Your family and pets are not liable to chemicals, only 100% harmless and non-toxic detergents are used for your cleaning
  • All completed is in full insurance Check our testimonials to see what our old consumers thinking about the quality of our skillfulness.

Get Skilled Services from Our Company

All of the following cleansing tasks finished at your convenience. Choose two or more offers and you will get a exclusive offer in your case.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: The treatment includes application of the correct detergents, vacuuming, pre-treatment of stained areas,, then their removal using pressure, steam and heat. This is the technique of option for dirt and stain removal.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Powders or sprays are applied to your rug, worked into your fibres where they bond with grime, then eliminated by vacuum cleaner. This procedure is gentle and suitable for non-colour-fast and shrinkable carpets.

Rug Cleaning: For expensive fibers, including Kashmir Afghan, Turkmen And Sarouk rugs. Cleaning will eliminate parasites and everyday dirt. Stain removal and spot cleaning are too available.

Upholstery Cleaning: Completed using either dry cleaning or steam cleaning methods. Your specialist will check your need to guarantee the perfect detergents and method are used. Take service for sofas too.

Mattress Cleaning: Whatever sort of bed mattress you have, there is a treatment suitable to restore it to a fresh condition. Your cleaner may use hot water or dry removal cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning: For curtains, drapes,, even blinds and nets. You'll save wear on your washer by choosing steam cleaning for shrink-proof curtains. Delicate textiles are cleaned by a dry cleaning method.

Get the Best from The Carpet Cleaning Service in Soho W1:

Enhance your experience of our services with one or both of the optionally available additions:

Air Blowers: Increase the air flow around your recently cleaned carpet to save wither times. Book an air blower when you need to use your rooms immediately after cleaning, or when you have no good ventilation. Air movers are safe to use on any carpet or upholstered piece, and by reduction of drying time may be useful at certain seasons or in bad conditions.

Scotchgard Protection: Specifically preferred for business office floor coverings liable to heavy use, or in homes where pets and children are likely to cause staining and lots of dirt. The option prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating the fibres of both upholstered furniture and carpets. It makes next stain removal easier and quicker, and may save you money in the long run by extending the useful life of your costly furnishings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are family safe when you cleaning my home?

A: Yes, we emphasize on the safety of your household when cleansing, that's why we use 100% safe detergents that have no traces of chemicals or heavy toxins.

Q: Are the technicians insured?

A: We are, all of our staff members carry full insurance at ever.

Q: Should I move furniture?

A: We can shift not so heavy furniture pieces, yet, larger ones we would advise be shifted before as our colleagues are no certified movers.

How To Make Your Booking

Make the three simple steps to high quality carpet cleaning service in Soho W1:

  • Contact us whenever you want to get your free of charge quote
  • Book your service for every day of the week
  • Welcome your experts, they will do their job, then relax and admire your refresh and hygienic property

Choose the most effective solution for you. Fill our web application form and we can give you call back whenever you would like. If you have questions you can contact 020 3746 4588. Our friendly staff will explain to you all specifics.

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