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cleaning machineSet up your carpet cleaning service in Swiss Cottage NW8 with Fresh Carpet and eliminate all the disadvantage of the service. Choose your totally free offer. Arrange your work for a weekend and book your commercial cleaning service out of working hours.

Combine your domestic rug treatments with curtain or upholstery cleaning. And be quite certain that whatever you book it will be performed by skilled technicians who're committed to great customer care, and who use top quality products and tools to ensure the best possible results as quickly as possible.

Why Expert Steam Cleaning Is Much better

The best people to tell you for the positive aspects of selecting professionals to make your steam carpet cleaning are our old clients. Check what they have to say by reading our client reviews. In the meanwhile, remember that you'll be sure of:

  • Cleansing for sea-grass, jute, cotton, wool or synthetic carpet, in reality, cleaning for ANY kind of carpets or rugs!
  • Insured, qualified and certified experts who use top-class appliances for your work
  • Eco-friendly, child-friendly, pet-friendly non-toxic liquids used for your service
  • Your home furniture is shifted to accommodate cleansing if required and foil pads placed beneath it to prevent damage or marking

Get the Best from The Cleaning Service in Swiss Cottage NW8:

Get the most of our services with one or both of our supplements:

Air Blowers: Enhance the air circulation around your freshly washed carpet to save drying times. Choose an air dryer when you need the full use of your rooms immediately, or when you have no good ventilation. Air blowers are safe to use on any upholstered or carpet product, and by reduction of drying time may be useful at specified times of year or in bad conditions.

Scotchgard Protection: Specifically preferred for business office carpets liable to heavy wear, or in properties where children and pets are likely to cause staining and lots of dirt. The method protect liquids and dirt from penetrating the fibres of both upholstered carpets and furnishings. It helps make upcoming stain removal quicker and easier, and by extending the useful life of your costly furnishings may save you money in the long run.

Choose Fresh Carpet Company For Any Fabric Cleaning in Your Home

Better yet, select a bundle of services into one scheduled appointment. You'll make a difference to your home and will spend money:

Steam Carpet Cleaning: Suitable for water-resistant carpets and the process of choice for marks elimination. The areas are treated to give perfect final effect.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: For non colour-fast or shrinkable carpets. treatments to lift odours and dirt without damage to expensive materials.

Rug Cleaning: Rid your Oriental, Tibetan, Turkish or any other type of rug of parasites, dust mites, pollutants or fungal spores.

Upholstery Cleaning: Your specialist will use the best method for your special fabrics. All work is finished utilizing top quality equipment.

Mattress Cleaning: Be sure your bed is free from allergens, eliminate odour-causing bacteria and prevent bedbug infestation with dry or steam mattress cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning: For any types of window dressing textiles. Both hot water extraction and dry cleaning service are accessible, along with expert cleaning solutions for blinds.


Lauren Sheppard

This is my first time booking Fresh Carpet and Believe me I am so pleased with everything they bring to the table, from cleaning staff members to the customer support.

Sofia Summers

These guys have my respect, as a one parent. I can not express how vital their help is to keeping a sane household. I know I can depend on them at every time.

Kian Hilton

After a preparing food accident the floor in the kitchen was stained with tomato juice. We were putting it off, but the time came when we saw these technicians at work on our hall carpet, I can't express how satisfied with their final results I am.

How To Make Your Booking

Make the several easy steps to top quality carpet cleaning in Swiss Cottage NW8:

  • Contact us whenever you want to get your free quote
  • Set up your services for everyday it's no matter holiday or weekend
  • Meet the technicians, they will clean your home, then sit back and enjoy your fresher looking and more hygienic house

Choose the most effective cleaning service for you. Fill our web contact form and we can give you call back whenever you want. If you have some questions just call 020 3746 4588. Our operators will tell to you all details.

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