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carpet cleaningGet the simple & safe solution to organise your carpets and rugs cleansing in Teddington TW11. Get your service from Fresh Carpet, via your choice of our contact lines, and receive seven day services. Choose steam or dry carpet cleaning according to the requires of your current need and be certain that your work will be done by qualified individuals.

Advantage from the use of professional grade detergents and required equipment that give you superior results and fast drying times. Set up cleansing for any carpeting in commercial or house premises and while you're at it, organise your upholstery and curtain cleaning service too.

The Positive Aspects of Skilled Steam And Dry Carpets Cleaning

View exactly what our customers have to say about the quality of our service by checking our client reviews webpage. You're always certain of:

  • Completely covered, skilled experts to finish your job.
  • First grade machines that provides deep cleaning and effective removal of liquids at the finish of the procedure.
  • Eco-friendly and harmless liquids used for your current work, so it's risk-free for your family and your pets.
  • Cleaning for any kind of carpets and rugs, like wool, synthetic weaves, jute, cotton sea-grass and hessian.
  • Your experts will move light furniture if needed and wear special shoe protectors in order to keep your place clean.


Katherine Walters

This is my first time booking Fresh Carpet and I am really satisfied from this cleaning service, from cleaning personnel to the customer care.

Sofia Summers

The cleaners get my full recommendation, like a solo parent. I can not express how vital their help is to keeping a sane household. I know I can depend on them at every time.

Toby Moran

After a cooking incident the flooring in the cooking area was stained. We were putting it off, but the time came when we saw these technicians at work on our hallway rug, I can't express how pleased with the results I am.

Choose Specialist Service from Us

Choose one service when that's all you need. Book a few various jobs and you may ask for a discounted cost.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: This method is for any tolerant to water carpet. The expert will choose a variety of liquids to clean marks or pre-treat very dirty areas before shampooing the entire carpet or rug.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Powders, sprays or solvents are utilized to your non-colour-fast carpets. Apply this system to refresh any carpet or rug.

Rug Cleaning: For Contemporary Turkish Oriental Or Tibetan rugs. Stain and spot removing techniques are on offer, and rug cleaning will also remove parasites that can destroy special fibers.

Upholstery Cleaning: Using dry or hot water extraction cleansing according to the needs of your piece. We have specialist detergents for leather cleansing too.

Mattress Cleaning: Remove viruses, debris, fungal spores and bacteria from your bed mattress. Both dry and steam cleansing techniques for mattress cleaning services are available.

Curtain Cleaning: Steam cleaning offers greater cleansing power and less fibre wear than washing with machine. Ask our specialist services for window blind cleaning or dry services for special fabrics too.

Enhance Your Carpet cleaning in Teddington TW11 for Better Final Results

Air Blowers: Specifically popular with business users, but ideal in any situation where fast drying times are a necessity. Air blowers may lower a 7 hour drying time to 3 or less. This is a safe method to increase the process of water vaporization from any wet carpet. In place with bad ventilation it's very good solution, protecting any kind of textile from the dangers associated with prolonged periods of dampness. Check about the positive aspects of an air blower when you getting your offer.

Scotchgard Spray Protection: Very helpful for reducing the regularity of cleaning you'll need for the future. Ask your technician to spray Scotchgard onto your cleaned carpet, upholstery, or even your curtains. The best option prevents liquid or dust from penetrating into carpet or rugs and makes marks removal much easier. Protecting your furniture and carpets and rugs will prolong their beneficial life and save you money in the future

Additional Benefits

Booking and finding your cleaning service in Teddington TW11 is very simple. You just have to select the desired service, and then to make a few steps:

  • Get in touch any time, use the phone or filling our online booking form
  • Take a free, no-obligation, instant quote, and set up your cleaning service whenever you want
  • Let the specialists do their stuff and enjoy your refreshed, more hygienic house

Contact 020 3746 4588. Our customer care is available for you. They definitely will help you select the ideal offer. You can use our website. There you can easily fill our application form and we can give you a call back whenever you would like.

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