Efficient Carpet Cleaning Service in London

rug cleaningFresh Carpet Ltd. is offering you affordable and reliable carpet care in London that suits your personal needs, available during weekends and bank holidays. This treatment is capable of removing stains and dirt accumulations while also being beneficial for your family and your carpets, like

  • Toxin-free cleaning
  • Full allergen removal
  • Regular cleanings
  • Key drop-offs and pick-ups
  • Quality control

Get the best in carpet cleaning for your home or office and enjoy grime and dirt free carpeting all around your home. Save time and effort and call 020 3746 4588 to book a treatment and get a free quote while on the phone. Rely on us at any time and save more than just your time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We clean a wide range of carpet types from kashmir to velvet, cotton, and even silk.

Dry cleaning - allows our team to get a better hold of the filth in your carpets and extract it without causing any damage to the gentle materials in the carpet. It can be used just as successfully on synthetic materials like acrylic yielding great results. Due to the deep penetration of the dry compound we use to clean, you get a thorough clean each time, with no compromises. We use a fine brush to imbed the cleaning compound then extract it along with all of the dust inside using a vacuum machine.

Steam cleaning - enjoys great success with synthetic and woolen materials as those can withstand the heat and pressure created from the cleaning. We use a narrow nozzle which focuses the cleaning power of our steam jet and the detergent, into achieving better results than other treatments. It is especially effective against stains and dirt accumulations blasting them away. We extract everything with a vacuum, leaving only clean results behind.

Booking Service from Us

To book these treatments, just call 020 3746 4588 and our team of customer reps will take care of the booking arrangements. We are able to work on weekends and bank holidays without charging you extra, with availability from early mornings until late afternoons. Call and get your carpets cleaned by the best team in London.