How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

That depends on the composition of both the fibre and backing of the carpet, indoor humidity and ventilation, and even the weather conditions. Drying times are also dependant on the cleaning method used. Under normal conditions, steam cleaned carpets will dry in 3-6 hours. Open a window to speed up the process. For a small additional cost, your carpet technician will install air-movers to speed up the drying time. Ask about this when you make your booking.

What are your working hours?

We work 7 days a week and have teams available for evenings, holidays, and other times that are normally regarded as 'anti-social hours'. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, professional cleaning services whenever you need them.

Which is the best cleaning method?

All cleaning methods are designed to deliver great results and to bring you satisfaction. The technique recommenced in your specific case will depend on your carpets. The fibre composition, backing, staining, fitting, and general level of dirt, will all be taken into account before your technician chooses the cleaning method. Your qualified and certified cleaner has the right training, equipment and, most importantly, the experience to restore your carpet to its best possible condition. You will be advised on what results to expect when making the booking.

Will chemicals be used for cleaning my carpets?

In order to achieve the best results we use top-of-the-line detergents, solutions, and stain removals. These are designed to be safe for use in domestic situations, being generally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If you have a high sensitivity to specific chemicals, please tell us when you make your booking, so your technician can take this into account when making their selection of the best cleaning products.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our aim is to give you 100% satisfaction. If you're anything less than delighted with your work, do tell us. We'll do anything we can to make things right.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

This depends on the footfall and general wear and tear your carpets are exposed to. Homes containing children or pets generally need more frequent cleaning than those occupied only by careful adults. Stain protecting your carpets will reduce the frequency of cleaning needed. Still, most carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Is there any danger to my health or the health of my children or pets?

The detergents we use are tested, and are proven to be absolutely safe for you and the environment when used correctly. Your technicians are fully trained to follow all relevant safety guidelines. We do recommend that you keep children away from damp carpet and rugs in order to prevent slips.

Will all the stains come out?

Not all stains can be totally removed. It depends on the type of carpet, the offending substance, and the time since the stain occurred. Describe your stain and carpet type when you contact us and we'll give you an honest assessment of the chances of achieving 100% stain removal. We do use the best equipment and detergents on the market and have years of experience in every kind of carpet cleaning challenge. If there's a chance of totally removing the mark, we're the people to do it!.

My carpets were treated with stain protection last time when they were cleaned. Should I treat them again?

Yes - the manufacturer of the solutions recommends re-application after each cleaning.

How long before I can walk on the carpets?

Your technicians will leave you with overshoes so you can walk on your carpets right after they're cleaned. Please be careful not to slip! Allow your carpets to fully dry before walking on them wearing shoes to avoid soiling the wet fibres. Of course if you make sure you never walk on your carpets while wearing outdoor shoes you'll keep them cleaner and reduce wear too.

What are the benefits of applying stain protection solutions to my carpets?

Applying a protective solution protects your carpets from spills and stains. It also makes it easier to hoover, preventing the dirt from penetrate deeply in the fibres. Carpet cleaning experts can always tell if a protective solution has been used!