Expert Mattress Cleaning In London

mattress cleaningIs your mattress dirty? Or is it threatened by bed bugs? No worries. Choose Fresh Carpet Ltd. and solve this problem. Our technicians will give you the best service. They will come with special and modern equipment and will do the job perfectly. We have a lot of experience, because our Company has been providing services in London for more then 10 years. Book a service from us and you will receive:

  • The best cleaning methods for your needs
  • Services with fixed prices
  • Flexible cleaning schedule
  • 100% harmless detergents for your children and pets
  • Non-stop customer service

Make the best for your comfort and tranquility. Book expert mattress cleaning service from us and your bed will be refreshed and hygienic. Call 020 3746 4588 and get your free quote from our friendly operators.


What You Should Know

Your mattress cleaner will be a trained, certified and experienced professional, committed to providing you with excellent service. If you've been putting off your mattress cleansing because you thought it needs to be time consuming, expensive, and will deny you the use of your bed for several days, we have good news:

  • We offer options for mattress cleaning which are quick, simple and involve no drying time
  • There's a treatment suitable for any type of mattress, for futons and for pillows too
  • One simple treatment gives a 72 hour residual effect that continues destroying allergens even after the cleaners leave
  • No bleaching agents are used so there's no risk of colour fade
  • Dry treatments options will destroy odour causing bacteria and moulds leaving mattresses sanitised and smelling fresh

Hot Water Extraction Mattress Cleaning

Hot water extraction, also known as stream cleaning, will kill bacteria, dust mites and bugs, and removes dirt from deep inside the mattress. This is far more than surface cleaning and is also a method of removing or reducing visible staining.

  • Your work is completed using top-grade steam cleaning equipment with powerful suction to leave your mattress clean and fresh
  • The detergents used are environmentally friendly and harmless to both people and pets
  • Mattresses and other soft furnishings cleaned by this method are protected from parasites and germs for up to six months.

Professional Dry Cleaning

For mattress dry cleaning we use a powerful UV cleaning technique. Use it on any sort of mattress, it's 100% safe.

  • This dry mattress cleaning method is totally natural - a chemical-free treatment for your protection
  • The procedure effectively destroys dust mites, fungal spores and bacteria, and removes the harmful debris found in any mattresses
  • Your specialists use techniques which require no liquids of any kind
  • In just 15 minutes, the mattress is clean, dry, refreshed, and ready for use
  • The method is especially suited for hotels, B&Bs, hostels, and anywhere else where rapid cleansing and no waiting times are essential

Book Fresh Carpet Ltd.

Choose your reliable partner for a top mattress cleaning service in London. If you have any questions do not hesitate. Call 020 3746 4588 and our customer support will answer you. Speak with our friendly operators about your free quote. They are available for you. You can book us online by filling our booking form on our website. We will give you a call in best time for you.