Our Services

We support and provide a wide selection of services you can book separately or in bulk with a discount. Bellow each service you can find a link to their respective pages, which you can visit for more detailed information on said services.

Carpet cleaning - giving our clients' carpets a second chance at cleanliness. Our teams are capable of cleaning a large spectrum of fibers and textile types without compromising their strength or quality of colour and texture. In the price we include full insurance coverage, as well as washing and steam cleaning, along with detergents and conditioners. Check to see how we clean by going here, or calling our hotline.

Upholstery cleaning - manages to remove dirt and accumulated stains from the surface and base of your furniture's upholstery, whether leather or fibrous materials. We can clean any type of stain and rejuvenate the fibers of your furniture in just one go. To see how we clean, go here.

Curtain cleaning - you can achieve full curtain cleaning by ordering this treatment, which is suitable for stain, odour and even dust removals, providing you with fully cleaned drapes suitable for your home. We implement dry and steam cleaning for the most optimal results while protecting the fibers of your drapes from wear and gunk. See how we work, by going to this page.

Mattress cleaning - revitalizing the comfort of your own bed's mattress and removing any pests that might be troubling your sleep. We have a full bed bug and dust mite removal service which has a 99% success rate, using only natural ingredients that won't harm your family. Be sure to check back with us at any time for more information, go to this page for additional details on how we clean and what we use.

Rug cleaning - with this treatment clients won't have to worry about dirt or stains on their rugs, whether they are of natural or synthetic origin. The treatment is used to fully clean and also rejuvenate rugs of all nature, both synthetic and natural and even has the ability to safely clean exotic and expensive materials like silk and Kashmir. We use dry and steam treatments to dissolve and extra dirt from the materials without causing them any harm.

Hard floor cleaning - we are offering hard floor sanitization and cleaning, with proper detergents and solvents that will not harm the surface and colours of your floors, yet provide a shining, clean finish each time. We are able to produce these results by using a fantastic mix of natural-based detergents that leave no toxic or chemical traces in your home.

You can book any of these treatments at any time, just give 020 3746 4588 a call and our team will be more than happy to aid you in any way. For multiple services booked at once you get a 25% discount, consider us and save time and money.