First Class Upholstery Cleaning London

sofa cleaningIs your sofa dirty after the last big party in your house? Or you just want to clean and refresh it? We are the reliable provider in London with more than 10k satisfied clients. Choose our First Class Upholstery cleaning service and our cleaners will do the best for you. We have a professional and modern equipment. So do not hesitate and take from us:

  • Dry or steam method depending on the type of upholstery
  • No hidden taxes or commissions
  • Visits on weekends or bank holidays
  • Special discount for multiple services
  • Customer care available

Don’t wait anymore.  Make the best choice for your comfort and enjoy your refreshed couch - Fresh Carpet Ltd. Get in touch with our friendly operators by calling 020 3746 4588. Ask for your free quote. They can speak with you 7 days a week.

Gentle Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a safe and effective method of cleaning and revitalising delicate fabrics which won't tolerate water based cleaning. The process is completed as follows:

  • Your cleaning technician will start by inspecting and testing the fabric of your upholstery to understand exactly what material it's made of
  • Dirty patches and stains are spot treated with a stain removal compound
  • A powerful market-leading solvent is applied by equipment which forces the liquid deep into the material where it can bond with the dust
  • A short time is allowed for the dirt to be absorbed by the solvent, then both are extracted by suction
  • The compounds used in this process are powerful enough to give excellent results, yet the process is gentle and will not damage fibres
  • Dry cleaning is the favoured cleansing method for suede, velvet, and other delicate fabrics which will not withstand hot water extraction cleaning.

Deep Cleansing Upholstery Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Washing your sofa covers will only provide surface cleansing. When you book your professional upholstery steam cleaning services you're choosing the best method available to rid your sofa of dust mites, pet hairs, bacteria, and other pollutants.

  • The cleaners will pre-treat all stains and grime patches using powerful detergents and stain removers
  • Modern and well-maintained equipment is used to inject hot water and detergents into your upholstery to remove every speck of grime and bacteria

Specialist Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather upholstery adds a touch of quality and luxury to any room - especially when it's lovingly cared for.
Your cleaner who will start by assessing your furnishing, to judge its current condition, and tell you how much can be achieved by cleaning. He'll then test a non-visible part of the piece, under the cushion, for example, to see the likely overall effect of cleaning. A foam leather cleaner is applied and left for sufficient time to absorb dirt, it only takes a few minutes but makes all the difference to the final result

The foam is removed with a soft brush, then the leather is wiped with a soft white cotton cloth. Finally, a layer of rejuvenating spray is applied over the cleaned leather to condition it and 'lock-in' the cleanliness. The spray takes an hour or two to dry, your sofa will then be ready for you to enjoy in perfect comfort. This conditioner also acts as a protective layer reducing the extent to which dirt will penetrate the leather in the future.

Take –úatters into Your Own Hands

It’s easy to book the perfect upholstery cleaning service in London. You just have to call 020 3746 4588 and ask our polite colleagues for your totally free offer from Fresh carpet Ltd. They will explain about our services and if you need more than one, they will give you a personalised offer. If you want you can book online on our website and we will call you whenever you want.